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True Love is born from Understanding
                                                                          - Buddha - 

Your joy and success in life is born in recognizing your self
                                                                                                                         - Raho - 
Seminars and Retreats with Raho Bornhorst
Spiritual teacher for personal change and success in life
A seminar leader for meditation since 1989, with a master degree of economy from University of Mannheim (1992) Raho became a successful media producer, created German audio books of famous U.S. authors Brian Tracy, Deepak Chopra, Denis Waitley etc. Although successfully selling to large corporations like Allianz Insurance, BMW motors or Volkswagen, he was never fulfilled. On the spiritual path Raho discovered the laws for whole personal success.
From 2004 - 2010 Raho begin to live as spiritual teacher, leading a German-American spiritual seminar center in France, teaching high levels of education, ranging from Feng Shui to shamanic-wholistic healing. Today he teaches, coaches and trains people to become their own life success or even work as life success coaches. His work supports material success, based on a connection with the divine. His teachings go deep into the heart and soul to discover true love for oneself. 
Raho J. Bornhorst
"My speciality is teaching to use your inner fire (InnerChi)." 
I am teaching the path to enlightened awareness. True love for oneself is born from understanding. I provide exercises to experience and understand radical steps to personal growth, guided by love and joy in the tradition of the fire. "Burning down inner walls" means to get rid of mental and emotional blocks, and to increase joy, laughter, bliss and inner peace. I initiate people to create breakthrough results, allowing the magic of spirit to happen naturally.   
High level training for success in life. I am teaching entrepreneurs and business leaders with a loving spirit for better results in everyday business with highly inspiring conviction about how life really works. I teach small groups of 6 - 20 people or speak for large groups of several hundred team managers.
6 days Retreat with Raho 
"The Path into Light"

The Path Into Light is the path to discovering your inner self. Many people have forgotten who they really are and wonder why happiness is so evasive. The answer is to find yourself and to open your heart to the world around you. Everything is there, within you, but is waiting to be found and incorporated into a new flow of life.

The key to all happiness lies in your heart and originates in the love of everything and everyone around you. You can choose the best path in life: your own path to happiness. You do not have to search for anything outside yourself: It is there within you, waiting to be realised. Divine qualities within yourself are discovered when you dedicate these 6 days for your personal awareness. And your growth of joy and love expands naturally. 

The Path Into Light will show you how to recognise your energy needs, and to match them to the everyday life outside. Once you have taken this path you will find greater joy and fulfilment in every moment. Your past may become less significant and each moment in the future will become an experience of perfection. Because you are a perfect soul, a share of god´s light. Your life will flow help you to achieve more happiness and strength to follow your own path everyday, even in adversity. This is your great opportunity to find out, how you really master your life - completely. In order to recognise your path, you will take account of our potentialities, and you may realize what still binds you and how you can dissolve all of this in the fire of your heart. You will sense your special qualities and how to realise all of your possibilities - guided by pure love and joy of life. 
No matter where you are in your life: This course will lift you up to higher awareness and offer very many different ways to enlighten to your life.

For the first two days we encounter our personal blockages and dissolve them, thus becoming freer and happier. We discover how our efforts to our souls most powerfull path into light already existed all the times that we can embrace in our awareness.

The third and fourth days of the seminar are devoted to the recognition of details for your path and to the dissolution of old conditioning and habits. While acquiring spiritual and mental techniques through initiation, new levels of light become available, that can be applied in everyday life.

On days five and six you become aware of your responsibility and power to contribute to the world around you, and you begin to understand your unity with creation. The seminar concludes with many levels of information and inspiration about your individual purpose and direction in life.
6 days of initiation and training in the U.S.: $ 2,900 ($ 2,700) incl. all snacks and material